Wednesday, November 26, 2008

a crush? not so much

I am utterly confused as to how I'm feeling and why I'm feeling it.

Some mornings I wake up with you on my mind.
You're the first name I want to say.
I love the taste your name leaves in my mouth, lingering on my tongue allowing me to taste your sweetness behind the bitter first.
I feel those things called "butterflies" floating around when you throw me a smile.
Your puffy lips I want placed all over me. The feel of your soft and moist against my hot and bothered.
A schoolgirl crush with the desires of a woman who has needs that only you can meet.

And all this, I've discovered, is how I feel when I want to see a boy naked.
And more so when I want him to see me, naked. pink. flushed.
A crush? No.
To crush? Yes.

Listening to: Lykke Li - Little Bit

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