Friday, September 12, 2008

some things never change

I've always appreciated the delete button.

Because it allows you to retract information - good or bad - I think it's such a wonderful tool to have in life. I tend to use it quite often; deleting everything from information on my computer - which I've found doesn't even matter because it's always somewhere on the hard drive - to comments on message boards, myspace, and, now, facebook. I usually delete anything telling of a situation, like if it gives away how I interact with someone.

My obsession with the delete button goes back a long time; even longer than my first and only love/hate, break-up to furiously make-up live together boyfriend. This picture makes me laugh so hard because I did this same thing several years ago. I'm sure many people share this experience.
Come one, it's ok to admit it - you're older now, some may even say wiser - but at that time, everything was so big and important, life or death. Oh, myspace. When happy, it's all "married" with your honey in the number 1 spot; all kissy-kissy. But when angry, the letters on the delete button begin to fade from repetitive use.

It's really silly, but it's always there for you when you need it.

Like maybe now, when I've divulged a little too much about my private past.

(are you sure you want to delete this post?)

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