Wednesday, August 13, 2008

the delete button doesn't really work

neither does "trashing" things...even if you empty it securely.

today, while i was sorting through all the data those wonderful tech guys could get back to me i found soooo many pictures and word documents i thought i "deleted". though most of the stuff will remain "deleted", meaning i'm not going to transfer it back onto my hard drive, i found a few things that were bittersweet - the following piece belongs in that category.
i've never shown it to anyone, and i guess i'm still not showing it to "anyone", but i think these words should be set free.

2 writers + 2 methods + 1 dream = infinite amount of mistakes made

and as he tried ever so desperately to paint his name on the walls of her heart

he developed a tunnel vision of love.

high off the aerosol fumes misting into the air, he thought, "if only i could do this, then everything will be good"

but he neglected to see - as those who are blind with passion usually do - his name was already etched

the blood dry from the cut of her knife.

she had already buried him deep within her soul

and carried him around in the pockets of her skin.

but never let him in.

full of frustration and resentment he yelled at her, "we were a fucking fairytale"

she saw the disappointment in his eyes and felt the question mark that would always remain between them

until the end of time

or until it no longer hurt - whichever came first

and as she looked at him,

then through him

his body melted into a blur

she whispered the finals words that would ever be lucky enough to float from her mouth into his ears and said,

"we were".

Oh, how serious i was. :)

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