Friday, August 08, 2008



an interesting day.

today's drive home was HORRIBLE! work was good, but coming back was a major bitch. it was hot. there were so many cars. and i was tired. literally fighting to stay awake - head nods and everything. only a few hours of sleep.

anyway, my mail today made me make a face. there was an envelope with my writing on it and my name as both the recipient and sender info.

i opened it, pulled out a piece of paper and the upper right corner read:
Joanna Munoz*
Speech 150


then my memory jumped to that class and remembered how the teacher made us write to our "future" selves.

the first thing it says is:
Hey girl! How you been? Tired, I know.


and then it went on to other things.

have i always been this tired? i suppose it's a good thing.
i suppose it's better to be tired from running yourself ragged getting shit done than not having anything to do.

ok, this post has no point.
time for a nap before the activities.

leave me alone.
i'm delirious.

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