Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Why the fuck don't people use condoms?!

In this day and age, I ask, why - WHY?! - do people not use condoms?

There is so much nastiness floating around out there, but folks are just exchanging fluids like shit don't matter.

No condom, no pussy.

Plain and simple.

I find it extremely disgusting when people don't use condoms. For the love of pete, respect your body enough to not let just anyone enter or enter just anyone skin to skin. What does this say about these folks? Does it say anything at all? I want to say to each his/her own, and it's his/her body to do whatever he/she pleases, but I can't help but feel bothered by it.

Folks walk around with the idea that no one who has an STD will have sex without a condom, but how do you think they got that STD. Most people don't even know they have an STD, because only one-third of physicians in the U.S. routinely screen their patients for STD's and most people don't have symptoms or ignore what's going on in their bodies.
Don't get me wrong - it's true that sex feels much better without a condom, I'm not denying that fact.
And I'm not saying condoms are a must for every situation; if you're in a dating dance where both people have been tested, and not sleeping with anyone else, then go fucking at it. Please.
But if you're just screwing to screw, then not using a condom can really get you screwed.

So, for the love of pete, please, use a condom.

The really thin kind.

With the ribs.



otherworldlyone said...

Amen! A thousand times Amen!

People are such fucktards.

Andhari said...

The really thin kind with the ribs.

AMEN to that :P

floreta said...

yes practice safe sex people!!!!

i know a girl who's never had an STD and i think she's screwed 50-100 guys. hahaha. the reason? SHE HAS HER BOYTOYS WEAR CONDOMS!!

now, if i were to enter a monogamous relationship after having both been tested then have at it. (my ideal situation)

Cee said...

Totally agreed.

There was a guy in the area here who was recently convicted of intentionally spreading HIV.

He slept with as many as 25 women and either lied to them, or didn't mention what he had.

Sooooo eff'ed up. I think only 7 testified against him... all of them got HIV from him.