Monday, January 12, 2009

Female vs. Female

Why do females have such harsh opinions about other females?

I find it extremely interesting when females tear each other apart for no reason other than making themselves feel better.

I hear so many conversations - it's not really eavesdropping if they're being loud :) - where females are tearing away at another female. They expel harsh opinions on make-up, clothes and attitude. I suppose it wouldn't be bad if it was all in good jest, but these words are like knives cutting apart any female they don't relate with.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but the holier-than-thou bullshit attitude that's attached to it has got to go.

For example: Why does this type of female feel the need to call another female "slutty" or "trampy" because of the way she's dressed? Why have a negative opinion about the amount of make-up she's wearing? Or care if she does something else to attract make attention?

Yes, I understand it's all about an antiquated mating process and the females who talk shit don't feel the need to "submit" themselves to these outdated rituals and blah, blah, blah, but I ask myself if that's the way they really feel about it? If they really feel like they don't have to "submit" to these situations, then why do they care about those who do? And furthermore, why demean them?

Why don't they cheer them on for doing what they please and empowering themselves? If the females who talk shit don't want to dress that way, why care? If they don't want that much make-up on their face, why does it bother them so? And they're obviously not trying to attract the kind of male that likes this, so why not thank those females for taking those dudes off our hands?

If it's not a game they want to be a part of, why care about it at all?

Before I conclude this rant, I can't sign off without calling out the girls who make fun of the "plain Janes" the way they make fun of them with the exact opposite attacks. It's a vicious cycle that turns and turns and turns.

The feminine mystique both lives in and transcends the rituals created by society for the definition of beauty. And because we live amongst these "rituals", it's natural to feel compelled to either play along or rebel. But, in the end, we must be intelligent enough to understand the game in order to not care about it - no matter which side we find ourselves on.


L.L. said...

I think girls are truly the most evil, calculated people on the planet, and no one knows that better than other girls. Rather than use all that power and evil as a whole, we view other girls as rivals in our evil doings...

Ha ha hahaaaaaa...

And - about the dressing slutty thing... have you ever seen the Dave Chapelle sketch, where he talks about how girls get really uppity if you think they are slutty because they are dressed a certain way, and always say... "Just because I am dressed this way....." blah blah...

Anyway - he concludes the joke by saying it's a good thing he doesn't walk around in a police officer's uniform and have to tell some lady who just got mugged "Hey! Just because I dress this way..."

Ha ha.

Women are intuitive - and can spot bad news a mile away. I've never been wrong!

Errant Gosling said...

I think its the same kind of pack leader contests that males go through, albeit expressed in different ways. But it's a good thing ya'll are divided amongst yourselves, otherwise, we wouldn't stand a chance.

Amber said...

I have always wondered why women treat each other so horribly. We experience the same things and we spend so much time tearing each other a part that we forget that we can be supportive of one another.

Sounds cheesy I know, but it makes sense.

Akirah said...

Mean Girls is funny to watch, but it kinda sucks how true it is. As much as I'd like to think we've outgrown that stuff, I'm sure there are plenty of grown ass women treating each other like crap in order to get ahead. That's why I'm so passionate about encouragement.

floreta said...

very well-written feminist-esque post! i enjoyed it. i think it has a lot to do with insecurity.. when girls dress up, it's almost as if they're dressing up for other girls than for guys. checking eachother out, comparing, making sure they're still hot or hotter or whatever. it's dumb. it's a pecking order too, in a way. maybe even part of the mating ritual. who knows..

insomniaclolita said...

i usually called girls slutty when they offend me in person, if not i will certainly not give a damn.

great post, yeah its sad that venus envy is usually pretty common that women have to degrade other women to make themselves feel better.

joeygirl said...

LL: I've never seen the chapelle skit but it brings up a very good point. I'm gonna have to youtube it.

EG: Now that you know our secret, don't use it against us. It's like the force, use it wisely. :)

Amber: I totally agree. I wonder, are we taught to be this way or is it inborn?

Akirah: Go to any beach full of women and you'll see most of them critiquing everyone else. That's pretty funny.

Floreta: Thanks for the compliment. And, yes, I think it's definitely a part of the mating ritual.

Insomniaclolita: Venus envy...I forgot about that term. Thanks for reminding me.