Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Irony

He called.
I answered.
We cried.

Back to day 1.


Errant Gosling said...

I tried to write a post like this once. You said in nine words what took me 100. I hope you're doing alright.

Cee said...

Ugh I hate that feeling. I don't know you personally, so I can't be for sure what you're talking about, but if you're talking about what I think you are (a guy), I have been there. No matter how much I ran away (yes, I MOVED) it always followed me and we started talking again and I got sucked back into that rabbit hole of what was a LOOONG and BAD relationship. I've been sober for over a year (a year and 2 months? 3 months?). Hopefully I stay that way this time

joeygirl said...

EG: Surprisingly, I'm doing unbelievably well. I think I needed that conversation to happen. Thank you for asking.

Cee: Keep up the good work with your sobriety :)