Saturday, July 05, 2008

the past is the past, enough of it? alright then

the past is exactly that
the past.
it no longer is
and never will be again.
learning to let go has been a journey filled with winding roads and broken hearts.
the pieces leaving a trail for the past to find me again.

the past is an anchor that, if still attached, hold us back from discovery.
a weight so heavy we can't move forward.

last night, by a shore of twinkling lights and an honest conversation, i laid my past on the sand to be washed away with the tide.
i wanted to be there.
to sit and to feel that moment and the emotions that swam.
then i thought of the sparklers i brought, but left in my purse
because, in the end, you were the only thing i wanted to hold.

it's taken me a long time to get here.
my journey, filled with setbacks and self sabotage, has been a rough one.
but at this moment, i feel right - no longer consumed with what was, but instead hopeful of what is and excited for what will be.
there are no pieces to be picked up
and the rope tied to my anchor has finally snapped off from being pulled for so long.
i am moving.
the new breeze caressing my skin.
the sun stinging my eyes.
i feel present.
and that's all i've been looking for.

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