Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dating is a Game of Endurance

To win the game that is dating means to love her in ways that the others do not, cannot, or choose not to.

To love, however, does not mean, demand, nor depend on exclusivity.

The sport of dating is all about remaining relevant to the plans of the adored and not about attempts at alteration.
One by one, suitors gamble by taking that walk and take a chance for a chance.
It is about getting on the board, strokes of white attaching advantage.
Presence and participation without insecurity or interrogation.
Waiting, but only actively, as one by one, the board is cleared.
Until the final round where the best man wins.
Where winning, he understood, is accomplished in a discriminating fashion – to achieve first place in reverse.

To "finish last."


The Kid In The Front Row said...

this makes things sound way too complicated.

but then this is dating we're talking about.

a simple man said...

it sounds like you're not really into any of these "insecure" and "interrogative" suitors who "demand exclusivity" and attempt to alter your "plans". even if one from this genius pool of competitors were to "win" over who knows how long of a tenure, you would certainly still be settling for less than what you could have or deserve. you're pulling a winner from a tainted sample set. why do that?

the only true winner is the guy who recognizes that there is and was simply no competition from any of these types of people and they do not matter- straight from the gate. they're vapor. they're insignificant. he can see right through them...

he already has you- and you already have him, from the first moment you ever see each other. he recognizes that you're worth it. all the risk. all the vulnerability. all the heartbreak.

fuck dating, that is called love.

joeygirl said...

i completely agree - and that's why I'm single :)

Anonymous said...

i like this... alooooot! :)