Tuesday, October 19, 2010

respite from information overload

the xx have managed to create a song about the reality of something that many people call "love".

like a morning roast, their sound allows out a slow drip that the mixture of honesty and delusion of wanting something you've willingly abandoned creates.
"infinity" breaks open at the division of every relationship into the two opposing ends of the deal-breaking incident.

ultimately about expectations, the song accurately articulates how the failure to realize how meaningless actions to one means mistakes to the other destroys delicate connections beyond repair. detailing the long withdrawal from intimacy, the arguing "give it up/i can't give it up" crescendo draws out the predicament where one must decide if they want to be happy, or if they want to be right.
and, with that, the tug of war continues on.

*i just needed to focus on something other than political science for a second.
that is all.

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