Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cold Case Warms Up

On Saturday, October 4th, the San Francisco Police Department received an anonymous tip regarding a fugitive authorities have attempted to capture for years - Love.

Witnesses state Love was seen walking down the streets of the Nob Hill area at approximately 12:30am. One eye witness states Love met up with an unknown companion at the intersection of Mason and Sutter where they met in a warm embrace and walked off together.

This was a major break in the case because Love has been on the run since the late days of December in 2005 when the fugitive fled Los Angeles to the state of New York and ran off the radar.

While residing in New York, Love had no known address or place of employment which led authorities to believe that unknown hooligans had been harboring the fugitive and became that much more difficult to capture.
Authorities had hit a wall in the search and began to speculate that the suspect would never be found until the Summer of 2008 when witnesses reported they spotted Love, once again, running around the Los Angeles area spending a substantial amount of time in the city of Arcadia and Long Beach area.
After some investigation, our detectives were led to believe that it had not been Love but it's doppelganger, Lust.

It was not until it was too late that authorities discovered that they had the fugitive in their grips because it was, in fact, Love under the guise of flashy Lust as to not get caught.

But authorities learned far too late for, once again, Love had fled.

After a few investigational errors, authorities have been able to confirm that Love is living in the city of San Francisco and frequents the Pacific Heights, Civic Center, Downtown and Embarcadero areas. We have increased our man power and assure you that we will not stop until Love has been captured and finally brought to justice for fleeing arms and breaking hearts.

On Saturday, November 7th, authorities received word that Love had been spotted entering Edinburgh Castle surrounded by a crowd of people.
Not willing to lose another chance at catching this fugitive, authorities jumped in after Love.
It took some time, for Love was in the arms of many and in the faces of all, but, in the end, authorities were successful in their capture because there, amongst a sea of smiles, Love had finally been found.


floreta said...

hehe cute :) that's why i would never marry for Love. he's too fleeting ;)

for some reason this entry reminds me of something errant gosling would right. remember him!?! =/

joeygirl said...

What happened to that guy?
I miss him.