Thursday, July 09, 2009

My Freckles

My face has spots
Spots you cannot see
I am not talking about my birthmarks, or moles as one would say
These accents do not protrude my skin
These accents are small discolorations under my top layer with ambitions to be seen
They begin at the outer corners of my eyes and sprinkle towards the middle - slowly disappearing as they spread
They rest at the apex of my cheeks when I smile
And support the amber streaks in my orbs
And though they are there
you do not see them
But I do
And he will
And because he will
it will show me
he sees me
Just like I do.

Listening to: "Halo" - the only good song Beyonce has put out since "Upgrade U".


otherworldlyone said...

I liked Halo...until they played on the radio 50 million times. That's how good music gets ruined.

joeygirl said...

it's a good thing i don't listen to the radio that often :)