Monday, March 31, 2008

the grand finale

One day
When the expectation has long dissipated into the monotony of the everyday
My undetermined path will cross with his
And not at all being able to see what is happening around me
Or to me
His patience will be good to us
Because he will see
and he will know
and, more so, he will understand
I walk through this world with a heavy heart
scarred by the past that carries regret, disappointment, and those ‘what if’s?’
and without ever seeing it with my own eyes
because I chose to be blind long ago
He will be the one
One day
I will come home
And he will slowly pull away at the armor I wear
Lifting the burden I consciously chose to bear
And piece by piece
The fear will fall
All the way down
Down to the floor by our feet
And as each piece crashes into the ground
a symphony of sounds it will create
each note playing
what in the end
will be our song
and as he caresses my face, as if for the first time
The waves of infatuation will rush over us
Subsiding to the love that will remain
And we will rock gently through the night
Mouths touching and tongues caressing
Creating the energy that can only be created
When two people are in love
And accept it

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